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mainfix: 'with' with a logic 'and', child variable evaluatedleafee985 weeks
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2022-05-18fix: 'with' with a logic 'and', child variable evaluatedHEADmainleafee98
2022-05-18RSS of each section are always shownleafee98
2022-05-18toggle comments at front matterleafee98's content is shown at list pageleafee98
2022-05-18wirte README to describe multi-section supportleafee98
2022-05-18allow whole site for spider at robots.txtleafee98
2022-05-18add multi-section supportleafee98
2022-05-18adjust template of taxonomy and termleafee98
2022-05-18use .Section other than .Title to get section nameleafee98
2022-05-16multi RSS hyperlink base on section and taxonomyleafee98