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This is a theme I personally use.
+## Multi Section Supports
+If you use multi sections (with the concept from hugo), the RSS at bottom and *Recent* at side are ready for displaying those content. However, you will need to set up your menu at `config.toml` to point the hyperlink to proper destination.
+If you want to re-order those sections, you need a `` at the directory of the section to set proper weight at front matter, just alike what was done at the exampleSite, see `/exampleSite/content/essays/`. See the predefined variable `weight` at [docs](
+**Note** that separating taxonomies according to different sections is not implemented yet. So better to only use taxonomies inside a specific section.
+For a better understand, if you have to posts *A* and *B* in section *S1* and *S2*, both of the posts has the same tag *T1*, like the follow.
+post A: section S1, tag T1, tag T2
+post B: section S2, tag T2
+When you open the index page of *T1*, there will be two posts, rathor than post *A* when you are in section *S1* and post *B* when you are in section *S2*.
+tag T1: post A, post B
+tag T2: post A
## Special Thanks
The wordpress theme [Allium](, and [here]( is its home page. I like this theme very much when I'm using wordpress, but I don't have it on hugo, so I try my best to write a theme similar with it. There are many designs in this theme refers to it.